camp notes makes tools and websites
  • 2022 campnotes.xyz is this website html css js 11ty netlifycms
  • 2022 flashOs is an iOS shortcut that flashes an SOS Morse signal shortcuts
  • 2022 barnabasbacsi.com is an artist portfolio website html css js 11ty netlifycms
  • 2022 csederhuzo.hu is a website for an art project and exhibition, co-designed with Elvira Monti html css js 11ty netlifycms
  • 2022 helyindex.hu is a website collecting independent art spaces in Hungary html css js leaflet vue googlesheets
  • 2020 nokavarosban.hu is a website with an interactive audiomap html css js leaflet
  • 2019 takk-r.com is a website for a community radio station with unless games html css js azuracast
  • 2019 bbarn.gitlab.io/settingsandchill is a website for killing time clicking switches html css js
  • 2019 mapliner.glitch.me is a multiplayer drawing tool using your location html css js leaflet socketio
  • 2019 bbarn.gitlab.io/fusetube is a YouTube-based videomixer in your browser html css js youtubeapi